Shred It

Protect your records.

Through the partnership we have cultivated with our sister company, Docu-Confidential, we’re able to provide quality and professional shredding services at a fraction of the cost. Private information is everywhere within your business and managing this sensitive information should be a top priority.

Routine document destruction protects you, your employees, and your clients from fraud and identity theft. Many government regulations require proper management and destruction of all documents containing sensitive information, and our partnership is designed to do just that. Docu-Confidential’s records management and shredding services protect you and your valuable information from falling into the wrong hands while also complying with government regulations in an easy and affordable manner.

We Offer

  • Custom Pricing: We work with your business’s unique needs to create a customized plan. You won’t find a more reliable and affordable option. We guarantee it.
  • Unbeatable Service: Our team is vetted and trained to handle sensitive information in a professional and secure manner. We pride ourselves in our excellent communication with our clients and high-level service.
  • Total Security: We give you total peace of mind that your information is safe and secure. Let us do the work for you.